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DGS Foreign Trading (Shipping) LTD

DGS Foreign Trading (Shipping) Ltd, established in 1988, is a privately owned company located in Herzlia, Israel.


DGS operates two divisions in the international grain market:

  • Trading in grain and grain products - C&F, FOB and selling of grain and grain products to end users in the Israeli market.

  • Disponant owning, operating, chartering & shipping - international bulk maritime shipping and vessel chartering.


DGS's experience and achievements include:

  • Hundreds of maritime transportation voyages, mostly transatlantic.

  • Over 20 million M/T of bulk commodities shipped from various origins to Israel and other destinations.

  • Development of long term business relations with major international grain houses and vessel owners.

  • Relations with major Israeli grain market players including importers, traders, shippers and end users, of feedstuffs, wheat and oilseeds.

  • Up- to-date monitoring and research of grain markets, freight indexes, market demands, logistic rates, regulations and availability of goods.


Throughout its 28 years of international operations, DGS has always sought out new business opportunities.


DGS is a unique partner for potential new business partners wishing to enter into sales transactions with first class Israeli buyers, and penetrate the Israeli market.

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