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Grain Trading

DGS is a well known trading company in grain and grain products.


Buying mainly from the Black Sea region, North and South America, DGS transports and sells to the Israeli market.

DGS is well organized to cope with the complexity of the international grain trade. Professionalism, theoretical knowledge, and technical capabilities are DGS's tools for making fast, yet responsible decisions in the volatile grain market.


DGS is an FOB and C&F trader in the Israeli grain market.


As an FOB buyer, DGS has long time business relations with most suppliers of grain and grain products, including leading cooperatives and grain houses.

DGS maintains an ongoing connection with international grain brokers, and has an up-to-date picture of grain availability and prices worldwide.

Since its foundation since 1988, DGS's expertise includes formulation of sale contracts, structuring shipping charter parties, insurance policies, financing, hedging commodity futures in the Chicago Board of Trade, supervising the quality of traded goods, storage, and various other affiliated activities.


As a C&F trader, DGS maintains a dialogue with all local traders, importers, end users, local customs agencies, local authority officers and other relevant entities.

Being knowledgeable of and involved in the Israeli grain industry, DGS can provide its overseas business partners with the necessary overview of price levels and import opportunities, in order to compete and function in Israel.


DGS is a good choice for Black Sea suppliers, traders or originators who wish to become long term players in the Israeli market.

DGS is open to business opportunities and willing to respond to your initiatives and inquiries.

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