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Shipping & Chartering

DGS operates vessels of all sizes: small (less than 10,000 tons), handy size (10,000-30,000 tons), handy max (30,000-50,000 tons), panamax (50,000-80,000 tons) and capesize (more than 80,000 tons).


DGS has expertise in operating vessels under various types of charter, especially time charter and voyage charter.

Being well established in the world freight market, and with longtime connections to ship owners worldwide, DGS can be very competitive, particularly in the transport of grain and grain products to Israel.

DGS's integrated knowledge of grain characteristics and the technical capabilities of bulk carriers, enables maximal utilization of a vessel’s holds, with efficient divisions of several commodities.

DGS oversees all governmental procedures, notices, vessel documents, market necessities and contracts, checking and documenting every stage.

DGS has managed about 500 voyages, from all over the globe to Israel and other destinations, with vessels of different designs, classes and flags, and of different charter types.


DGS is an expert in marine voyage chartering.

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