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Black Sea Activities

There are numerous advantages in working with DGS in the Black Sea region:

  • The significant financial capabilities of DGS can support local enterprises.

  • DGS, as a strong and stable company, can be an intermediary for organizations such as banks and insurance companies which deal only with first class companies.

  • Being deeply involved in the Israeli grain market, DGS can import, store and sell various commodities and provide credit lines to buyers.

  • DGS is a professional entity and can function in a complex environment while managing the related risks.


DGS is the best choice for Black Sea companies wishing to initiate business in Israel.

Following integration in the region DGS plans to develop the following areas.

  • Purchase of grain and grain-products on an FOB or C&F basis.

  • Join an initiative of a commercial or industrial enterprise, involved with the origination of grain and grain products in the Black Sea region.

  • Link up with businesses which are logistically strong but have difficulties in developing exports to destinations abroad.

  • Function as a contractor that buys, transports and exports, on a continuous basis, the byproducts of industrial plants (such as expellers from oil crushers, gluten feed from starch producers, DDGS from ethanol producers).

  • Contact entities affiliated with agricultural activities, such as banks, insurance companies, shipping companies, silo farms, distributers of pesticides, and seek cooperation for grain trading.

  • Assist Russian and Ukrainian wheat exporters regarding specific Israeli requirements (such as a kosher certificate).

  • Arrange meetings between Black Sea producers and Israeli customers dealing with agricultural products.

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